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At breathe, yoga is a medium in which we can connect:
to ourselves, to each other, to the natural cycles of life, to that basic intrinsic nature of goodness.

We can remember who we are when we come out of the noise and haste.
We come together, breathe, explore the phenomenon of our bodies, laugh, cry, at times feel as though we just might die, and then aaaah recover.

You don’t have to be anything other than who you are this very moment.
You are who you’ve been looking for.
In this moment, just as you are, you are perfect.

We invite you.
Come inside and make yourself at home.

breath is central to yoga because it is central to life . . .

and yoga is about life.

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6:00am Vinyasa
9:15am Vinyasa
6:00pm Vinyasa
7:00am Vinyasa
9:15am Vinyasa
6:00pm Vinyasa
6:00am Vinyasa
9:15am Vinyasa
7:30pm Vinyasa
7:00am Vinyasa
9:15am Vinyasa
6:00pm Vinyasa
7:30pm Vinyasa
6:00am Vinyasa
9:15am Vinyasa
9:00am Vinyasa
10:30am Vinyasa
9:00am Vinyasa
4:00pm Restore
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Simple answers to your most common questions

I am new to Yoga, what class should I take?
All of the classes are designed to accomodate students that are new to yoga or have been practicing for a long time. Pick a class and just let the instructor know that it is your first time. There are yoga mats and props available for use in the class.
Can I eat before doing Yoga?
Traditionally it is recommended that you do Yoga on an empty stomach (four hours after a full meal or two hours after a light meal). However, if you find that your blood sugar plummets when you practice and that you cannot make it through a practice on an empty stomach, you may wish to try eating a piece of fruit or yogurt before practicing. Feel free to experiment to find out what is best for you. Drink plenty of water before, during and after class.
Does it matter what I wear?
You can wear whatever you wish, as long as the clothing does not restrict your movements. However, you should always practice with bare feet (and that means no socks or stockings!). Bare feet keep you from sliding all over your mat and allow your feet to be more sensitive. Also, if it’s warm enough, it is better to practice wearing as little as possible, so you can see your skin. Noticing whether or not your skin is receptive and even is one of the best ways to balance your work.
What if I feel pain while doing a pose?
Whenever you feel pain in a pose, back up in the pose until there is only a minor sensation of pain. And then ask yourself; which muscles can I relax? Which muscles can I contract to relieve the pain? The pain in your body can be a great resource to teach you hot to improve the alignment and action of a pose.
There are some types of pain that are more dangerous than others. For instance, joint pain is more dangerous than muscle pain. Whenever you have joint pain, you definitely need to back out of the pose until you can figure out how to move without causing the pain. Ideally, in every pose, you should adjust the pose until there is a feeling of evenness of breath, mind, and sensation running throughout your entire body.
Do I really need to use Yoga props?
Yoga props are so useful for enabling you to find steadiness, ease, and correct alignment in your poses that it is strongly recommended that you give them a try. Many times students compromise their alignment by trying to go too deep in the pose; for example many beginners try to put their hands on the floor in Triangle Pose and end up jamming their hips and spine, whereas using a block under the bottom hand allows them to keep their spines more fully extended.
In addition, using yoga props will enable some less flexible people to practice poses that might otherwise be inaccessible. Props can also teach you the proper architecture of the pose, educating your body to align itself correctly in many different other poses.
People who are not used to dealing with props in their yoga practice may at first find them somewhat awkward and even annoying; however, with time you will become more comfortable using them and will learn to appreciate the many benefits that they provide. Of course, if you are in a situation where you want to practice yoga and props are not available, feel free to go ahead and practice without them.
Can I talk during class and ask questions?
Yes, please ask as many questions as needed; however, please keep banter to a minimum to maintain a quiet atmosphere.
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